A Reference from Eamonn Feeney – Managing Director of MDL

I am pleased to provide a reference for Mick who is retiring today but I know will be seeking new challenges in his business life.
It is with much regret that he is leaving our business and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Mick joined the Company on the 1st October 1989 as General Manager at Torquay.
He quickly progressed to the position of General Area Manager (1990), then Operations Manager (1998), Head of Corporate Development (2001), Development Director (2003), Managing Director of the MDL Estate Division (2006) so joining the board then and finally being appointed Chief Commercial Officer in 2011, all of which is exceptional in our industry.

During his time with MDL, Mick has proven himself a well-respected and dedicated senior executive committed to and furthering the performance and development of the MDL marina business. As Chief Commercial Officer, Mick was responsible for the broad development of the MDL brand outside the UK and has extensive knowledge of successful marina operations in various territories.

Mick is an excellent communicator, has strong management and business administration skills, is hard working and committed to any project he undertakes. He has been a key component in the growth of our business over the duration of his employment with MDL

Eamonn Feeney
Managing Director – Marina Developments Ltd.

15th February 2014